Nurse Anesthetist CRNA Salary

How much do Nurse Anesthetists make today? This page will show all the information you need about a Nurse Anesthetist CRNA salary scale – average salaries, highest paid cities, states and industries. For a more detailed breakdown of the figures for any particular state – you can go to the Nurse Salary by State page. Here you can get an in depth look at Your own state figures.

Clearing up the names – a Nurse Anesthetist NA, can also be referred to as a CRNA a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist salary, also a Certified Nurse Anesthetist or a Nurse Anesthesiologist salary. All just different ways of asking the same questions about wages!

We also have a main Nurse Anesthetist Guide – lots of information for anyone considering becoming a CRNA and now a detailed guide for Nurse Anesthetist Training programs.

Similar in ways to Nurse Practitioners – CRNA’s are APRN’s Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who have taken advanced degrees – specializing in anesthesia and tested and certified by the National Boards of Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA).

The U.S. Average Nurse Anesthetist Salary is $169,450

The latest figures show that the average annual salary for a CRNA working in the United States is around $169,450 which works out as $81.47 per hour, $3,258 per week and $14,120 per month. Nurse Anesthetist wage scales are amongst the highest paid to nurses in the US – thanks in part to the level of training they have to go through and the responsibility their duties entail.

A Registered Nurse can expect an average salary of $73,550 compared to a CRNA salary of $169,450

The table below shows how this compares to the national average wage.

Hourly WageWeekly WageMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
Nurse Anesthetist CRNA Average Salary$81.47$3,258$14,120$169,450
U.S. National Average Salary$24.34$973$4,218$50,620

Salary Range

Average earnings for a Nurse Anesthetist can vary from state to state and according to experience, service and further education. They are also employed across a variety of “industries” and sectors with a varied degree of responsibility – all has an influence on the salaries. Also take into consideration the starting salary for a Nurse Anesthetist – using the lower payscales below give a good guideline to follow.

The chart below gives you a good idea of the range between the 10th percentile and the 90th percentile. This is just a clever way of saying the difference between the top and bottom earners in this specialty.



Highest Paid States for a Nurse Anesthetist

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Variation in wages across the states can be explained by supply and demand influences and by costs of living in the state. Usually the states with a high cost of living – housing etc. – will have higher average wages across all nursing related careers.

The highest paid states for a CRNA are Montana $252,460, Wyoming $250,610 and California $217,230 – great news if you live there! Again, Nurse Anesthetists are one of the highest paid nursing careers available.

The lowest paid are Arizona $139,500, Georgia $145,210 and Idaho $145,910.

You can click on the map to view more detailed CRNA Nurse Anesthetist Salary information for all states – you can select each state for full details of earnings, industry and employment rates.

StateEmployment NumbersHourly WageAnnual Salary  
North Dakota150$93.55$194,570
West Virginia490$89.84$186,870
South Dakota330$88.85$184,810
New York1660$87.18$181,340
North Carolina2340$82.23$171,040
South Carolina820$77.19$160,550
New Hampshire240$77.10$160,370
New Mexico40$72.53$150,860
Puerto Rico370$28.92$60,160

Highest Paying Cities or Metropolitan Areas

San Francisco tops the tables for the highest CRNA salaries – Providence RI comes second in this years salary data. As always California metropolitan areas / cities are great for Nurse Anesthetists to earn the most.

Metropolitan AreaEmployment NumbersHourly WageAnnual Salary
San Francisco-Redwood City-South San Francisco CA60$117.01$243,390
Providence-Warwick RI270$114.44$238,030
San Diego-Carlsbad CA140$114.40$237,960
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward CA340$110.92$230,700
Oakland-Hayward-Berkeley CA240$110.72$230,290
Spokane-Spokane Valley WA-$109.47$227,700
Vallejo-Fairfield CA120$107.43$223,460
Sacramento--Roseville--Arden-Arcade CA130$104.36$217,070
Wheeling WV70$98.68$205,250
Akron OH200$97.97$203,790

Highest Paid Non-Metropolitan Areas for Nurse Anesthetists

Non Metropolitan AreaEmployment NumbersHourly WageAnnual Salary
Northeast Iowa nonmetropolitan area-$138.84$288,780
S Central Wisconsin nonmetropolitan area30$121.75$253,240
Southern Indiana nonmetropolitan area40$105.61$219,660
West Kentucky nonmetropolitan area-$104.36$217,070
Western Wisconsin nonmetropolitan area-$103.68$215,660
NW Minnesota nonmetropolitan area60$102.27$212,720
SE Minnesota nonmetropolitan area50$100.35$208,720
NE Wisconsin nonmetropolitan area60$97.63$203,080
Balance of Low Peninsula Michigan nonmetro area40$95.00$197,600
SW Minnesota nonmetropolitan area40$94.88$197,340

Number of CRNA’s Employed in the United States

The total number of Nurse Anesthetist’s employed in the U.S. stands at 42,620. This is a relatively small and specialist group of nursing professionals – but the numbers are rising. The chart below lists the top ten states by employment numbers.



Highest Paying Industries

CRNA’s or Nurse Anesthetist’s are employed across a range of industries – not only in hospitals, but in a growing number of outpatient care, community and government environments. As healthcare needs change NA’s are providing essential services and are often sole care providers in more isolated communities due to their high level of training.

IndustryHourly WageAnnual Wage
Outpatient Care Centers$93.48$194,440
Specialty hospitals - State government owned$92.21$191,800
Hospitals - State government owned$92.15$191,670
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals - State government owned$92.14$191,660
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals - Privately owned$88.55$184,180
Hospitals - Local government owned$88.54$184,150
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals - Local government owned$88.54$184,150
Local Government, including schools and hospitals$88.52$184,120
Hospitals - Privately owned$88.45$183,970
Specialty (except Psychiatric and Substance Abuse) Hospitals$86.02$178,920

Nurse Anesthetist Career Outlook

Career prospects are exciting for any prospective Nurse Anesthetist with expected growth of 31% (all careers growth is estimated at 11%). According to the projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2022 there will be an increase in numbers of 13,200 – bringing the total to around 57,000 CRNA jobs.

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