9 Different Nursing Jobs for Students With a Nursing Degree

Debra Riley


A degree in Nursing opens a decent number of career opportunities. If you are looking into this field of study, it is important to know about all possibilities. It helps keep internal motivation up and focus on good things ahead.

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different jobs for nurse graduates

Types of Nursing Degrees

Overall, degrees in this field of knowledge vary from two-year Associate programs to Doctorate in Nursing Practice. The level you have will define the potential career opportunities. For some, two years are enough to get into an internship program they are dreaming about. Others choose to continue their education further.

There are four levels of degrees:

  1. Associate Degree (ADN);
  2. Bachelor of Science (BSN);
  3. Master of Science (MSN);
  4. Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).

Careers for Nursing Graduates

Registered Nurse

It is the most obvious choice for holders of ADN and BSN. To practice, one needs to gain a professional license. After that, you can work in hospitals, clinics, or physicians’ offices. There are also several concentrations to choose from based on your specific skills, knowledge, and interest. For example, a graduate can become:

  • Endocrinology Nurse;
  • Surgical Nurse;
  • Travel Nurse;
  • Home Health Nurse;
  • Nurse Advocate;
  • Critical Care Nurse, etc.

It is a decently paid and fulfilling career where you can help people and make a positive difference.

Nurse Researcher

Those who complete their BSN and/or MSN can find a jobs as researchers. It is an advanced practice registered nurse position that focuses on studying various illnesses and aspects of healthcare practice.

The goal is to improve existing practices or come up with new, more effective ones. Researchers might work in hospitals, governmental agencies, research organizations, and universities.

2 nurses reviewing a patient

Informatics Nurse

This is another career for BSN and MSN holders. The focus here is on working with specific software applications and computer equipment in the clinical environment. The duties combine medical knowledge with IT and data science. It requires strong technical skills and a deep understanding of the medical setting, along with analytical thinking.

Pain Management Nurse or Practitioner

You need at least BSN to work in pain management and MSN or DNP to become a pain management practitioner. Both of these professions deal with patients who experience chronic pain.

Professionals evaluate the patient’s state, come up with a treatment plan, and use specific pain relief medication. Practitioners might also assist in surgeries and prescribe medication.

Legal Nurse Consultant

This is one of the careers available outside the clinical setting. To get into this field, you need at least ADN or BSN. However, a higher degree might offer better job opportunities and further career growth. Legal consultants help with the analysis and evaluation of medical cases on behalf of legal companies or insurance agencies.

Students can also become Nurse Attorneys if they acquire a law degree. This way, they can represent medical professionals or provide witness testimony.


It is another healthcare career where you get to work with medical imaging technology. Sonographers do body scans and videos. They also create models of different tissues. This profession requires specific certification to assist in diagnosis and treatment.

Health Coach

Such experts work closely with clients to educate them on wellness and how to achieve that. They offer individual advice based on the patient’s specific needs and goals. They also create plans for each client to achieve those goals. Health coaches monitor progress and adjust strategies when needed.


Nutritionists consult clients about dietary information. They also assess individual needs and create nutrition plans based on the goals. They can also plan menus for clients to ensure they meet all of their needs in terms of nutrition.

Such professionals work in an office setting and help clients with various needs to live a healthier and happier life.

graduate nurse with patient in bed

Medical Writer

If you are good with words and can rate essay writing services easily, this might be a great opportunity for you. Medical writers work on documents for publications. Those could be manuals, brochures, informational pieces, or textbooks.

Medical education ensures correctness and a scientific approach. And writing skills provide a strong foundation for completing all types of texts.

In Summary

Students with Nursing degrees have a lot to look forward to in terms of career opportunities. Whether you want to work in a clinical environment, research center, or office, there are plenty of options to choose from. A degree in Nursing opens up many career opportunities.

From Registered Nurse to Medical Writer, there are plenty of paths one can take to pursue their passion for the medical field. It is important to know what your options are and understand the different degrees available so you can make an educated decision on which career path best suits your needs.

If you find yourself struggling with academic writing, there are services available to assist you with this task. With dedication and hard work, nursing students can continue pursuing their dreams while gaining essential skills along the way.