The Best CRNA Schools and Programs in Texas TX

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Here we have put together a list of the best CRNA schools in Texas offering programs to train as a nurse anesthetist. Texas has some great options available – let’s have a look …

With the highly specialized field of nurse anesthesia it is not surprising there are fewer places to study. In Texas there are several universities/colleges where CRNA or DNP programs are available. They offer between 2-4 degree programs and have over 420 graduates each year.

With the excellent earning potential in this area CRNA’s have the potential to have very successful, fulfilling careers – nurses in Texas earn consistently higher salaries that most other US states.

However by 2021 all new nurse anesthetists must hold a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) as the old master’s degrees is being phased out.

Nurse Anesthetists regularly appear in the 10 best paid nursing careers list – check it out!

Universities Offering CRNA or DNAP Programs in Texas (TX)

Texas Wesleyan University

1201 Wesleyan Street

Fort Worth

TX 76105

Texas Wesleyan University offer RN-CRNA programs over various campus’s in addition they offer Entry-Level Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice and a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice program for qualified CRNA’s which is 100% on-line.

Areas Of Practice

All students must attend the Fort Worth Campus for the first part of their studies but can choose from 9 facilities for clinical practice and completion of the course.

1. Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth

1400 8th Ave

Fort Worth

TX 76104

Baylor All Saints is a large non-profit medical center. It accepts only 3 students per cohort. Each student should expect to be involved with an average of 720 cases before graduation which can include general surgery, neuro, ENT, cardiac and transplants

2. Baylor University Medical Center

3500 Gaston Ave


TX 75246

Baylor is a University Medical Center with 1,000 beds. It accepts 2 students per cohort. Students can expect to be involved with approximately 750 cases before graduation, including working within the trauma and the heart transplant centers.

3. John Peter Smith Hospital

1500 S Main St

Fort Worth

TX 76104

JPS averages 17,500 anesthetics per year and accepts 5 students each cohort who can be expected to be involved with 920 cases before graduation including endovascular and robotic cases. JPS is a large, publicly funded community hospital.

4. Plaza Medical Center

Fort Worth

TX 76104

Plaza is a large private hospital and takes in 2 students per cohort. It is a 320 bedded center with a heart center and 4 cardiac theaters and 4 cath labs. Each student will have an average of 760 cases prior to graduation.

5. Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital

1301 Pennsylvania Avenue

Fort Worth

TX 76104

Harris Methodist is a726 bedded facility and a Level 1 trauma center with both cardiac and orthopedic centers. There are 12-15 students per cohort with an average of 700 cases before graduation.


6. Texas Tech University Health Science Center

3601 4th St


TX 79430

Texas Tech is a regional trauma leader that averages 14,400 anesthetics per year. It is a University Medical Center with 364 beds. It accepts only 2 students per cohort who would be involved with approximately 700 cases before graduation.

7. UT Southwestern Medical Center

5323 Harry Hines Blvd


TX 75390

UT Southwestern Medical Center is a large non-profit 452 bedded center. The 2 students per cohort can expect to be involved with 916 cases prior to graduating.

8. VA Medical Center

4500 S Lancaster Rd


TX 75216

The VA Medical Center is a 853 bedded teaching hospital with 15 operating rooms and an average of 7,400 anesthetics per year. It accepts 2 students per cohort who would be involved with 900 cases prior to graduating.

9. Valley Baptist Medical Center

2101 Pease St


TX 78550

Valley Baptist is a 416 bedded teaching hospital that sees an average of 13,000 anesthetics per year. It accepts 10 students per cohort who can expect to be involved with 765 cases before graduation.

CRNA Schools offering the  Doctor of Nursing Practice Anesthesia in Texas:

10.Texas Christian University

School of Nurse Anesthesia
Fort Worth, TX 76129

11.U.S. Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing

3490 Forage Road
Dunlap Hall
Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234

12.Baylor College of Medicine Houston

One Baylor Plaza
Houston, Texas 77030

I hope this article can help you easily find the universities and colleges offering the highly sought after DNAP program. If you are looking for a different state for nurse anesthetist training check out our main CRNA Schools by State page.

Some states have more options than others so it is worth looking around before making any commitment. Some popular states include:

Have a look at our pages and see what you think might work for your needs.

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