8 Steps To Fasttrack Your Way To High-Paying Nursing Jobs

Debra Riley


Pursuing a career in nursing doesn’t have to be a slow, uphill climb. There are clear steps you can take to fast-track your way to fulfilling, high-paying jobs. 

Whether you’re new to healthcare or already working as a nurse seeking personal progression, this blog has you covered.

In this guide, we will unveil eight practical steps designed to catapult your nursing career into earning more while doing what you love.

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Set Your Expectations Correctly 

Before diving into a certain nursing career, you must first understand what earning potential lies within your desired field. For example, the average annual salary for a Registered Nurse in the US is currently around $73,550.

However, certain specializations within nursing can potentially earn much higher salaries. Therefore, knowing these facts will help you set realistic expectations and plan your career progression accordingly.

Choose One Of The Fastest-Growing Careers In Nursing

Starting your nursing career in one of the fastest-growing fields is a smart move. For instance, consider becoming a Registered Nurse. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that this field is growing at a rate of 6%, which outpaces average growth rates.

Additionally, BLS anticipates an average of 193,100 job openings per year for registered nurses, which shows the vast opportunities available in the industry.

Specialize In Most-Needed Areas Of Practice

To fast-track your nursing career, consider specializing in the most needed areas of practice. For instance, according to reports by the American Nursing Association, with the ongoing pandemic and rapidly changing patient demographics, critical healthcare systems demand skilled nurses in telehealth.

Other fields facing a surge include home health, long-term care, rehabilitation, and outpatient care centers.

Branching out into these thriving areas will not only provide you with ample opportunities but also enhance your chances of landing a high-paying job.

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Use Specialized Platforms To Find High-Paying Jobs

To give your nursing career a significant thrust, consider using specialized platforms to find high-paying jobs. For example, looking at nursing jobs by medical solutions can help you access a myriad of opportunities for several nursing specializations.

Navigating these platforms, you may stumble upon jobs that not only pay well but also match perfectly with your skills and experience.

Just remember, advancing your career isn’t just about earning more money: it’s equally important to strike a balance between financial health and doing what you love!

Work With A Career Advisor

If you feel lost and are unsure about the next career step to take, you are not alone! Navigating today’s fast-changing market isn’t easy. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to face this challenge alone! Working with a career advisor might be an excellent strategy for fast-tracking your nursing career. They provide professional guidance and help map out possible advancements in your field.

What’s more, they’re often aware of opportunities that you may not encounter on your own, which makes it a lot easier to navigate the job market!

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Continue Investing In Your Skills And Knowledge 

It’s essential to never stop learning in the nursing field. Keep up with new research and developments by regularly attending workshops, seminars, or online courses.

This continuous investment in your skills and knowledge not only increases your value as a nurse but also prepares you to seize those high-paying job opportunities!

Consider Moving to a Different State or Area 

Venturing out of your comfort zone can provide tangible benefits for advancing your nursing career. For example, some states or urban areas often offer higher salaries due to a greater demand for healthcare professionals.

In other cases, your specific skills may be needed in other countries or specific zones (i.e.: crisis nurse). 

Although moving to a different city or country could be challenging, it may also be an effective strategy to propel yourself into a higher-paying nursing role.

Go Back To School And Get Certified 

If you aim to secure a high-paying job in nursing, consider going back to school and pursuing further certification. This choice may involve a commitment of time and money, but it can help you upskill, gain new knowledge, and become more competitive in today’s market. 

For instance, becoming a certified pediatric nurse or a geriatric nursing specialist can open up new doors of opportunities.

Remember, the more advanced your education and certification, the higher your potential earnings and growth in your nursing career!