Best Places To Study Near Me

Debra Riley


Having a good place to study is essential for learning as you need a suitable environment to concentrate and retain information. The factors that will determine the best places to study are: comfort, no distractions and access to lots of information e.g. Wi-Fi or books. It is crucial to be in a low distraction environment to concentrate on your studying so here are the best places to study and concentrate.

Obviously at Nurse Salary Guide I concentrate on subjects relating to nurses and nursing careers – this guide works for nurses needing to find study places as well as any kind of student.

So you need to pass your nursing exams and want to be as well prepared as you can and studying is the best way to do this. Choose a few different locations to study and decide which one is best suited to your needs.

Once you pass your main exams learning is not over. Nurses need to keep updated and continuing education opportunities are a vital part of that process and here we have given you a few examples of great places to study. We have included private places to study and also public areas where you can cram for those exams.

places to study near me

Best Places To Study

1. Libraries

Libraries are great places to study as they are comfortable, free, they’re always quiet, filled with books that cover hundreds of subjects and have Wi-Fi access. The library is perfect for studying and probably the best public place to study.

Public libraries have changed a lot over time and are much better set up for students and others to study. On campus libraries provide more specialist information and of course students are actively encouraged to use them on a regular basis.

study at library

2. Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are becoming popular among students as they are great for group studying and have the right level of ambient noise so you don’t lose concentration but still feel connected while studying. If you find it hard to concentrate when in complete silence coffee shops are great.

Of course many coffee shops have tapped into this popularity with students and workers alike and provide free Wi-Fi as well as a comfortable atmosphere to work in. Coffee shops are definitely one of the best places to study – to find one just do a Google search for “coffee shops near me” – the near me search will show only places in your location.

Another thing many people like about using coffee shops and cafes as places to study is their informal, relaxed nature. You don’t feel as though you are working just as hard because you are in such an informal setting. Kind of like mixing study with relaxation.

study at coffee shop

3. Your Room

Your room is great for studying as you’ll feel very comfortable in your own home and you won’t have any distractions around you. You probably also have Wi-Fi at home so you have unlimited info access, although you should log out of social media to avoid any distractions from there.

Student rooms can also be good although most of us have probably experienced the distractions from living in group accommodation. There always seems to be someone wanting to go out and do something – it can be tempting to join the group and neglect your studies!

places to study at home

4. Bookstores

A bookstore is good, similar to a library, as it is quiet, comfortable and has great information through hundreds of well arranged books and magazines. Bookstores generally aren’t very busy either so there would be little noise and distractions. Some larger bookstores might have cafes so you can get a drink and some food after or before your study session.

Like libraries the modern bookstores have started to cater for students and create great study environments. Cafes, Wi-Fi, comfortable seating areas and a nice neutral ambience all help to make them ideal places to study.

bookstores place to study

5. Your School Lounge/ Study Area

Many schools will have a lounge or study area dedicated for students revising during breaks. This is a good area to study because you’ll be surrounded by people doing the same thing as you giving you a better work mentality. Your friends will also come here to study so you could do some group studying too.

Studying with other people who are following the same course can be a great help – collaboration is easy and you can help each other. When going through registered nurse training it is great to have other student nurse around to ask for help and advice when you are struggling with something.


6. The Park

No one wants to be in a room all the time revising so a local park is great way to get outside and still get your work done. Being outside can also boost your mood and give you better work efficiency.

Parks will have benches and seating areas giving you somewhere to sit. You might have trouble accessing Wi-Fi in the park limiting your access to information but it will boost your creativity and focus.

One drawback is the weather! Obviously using a park to study can be great in nice comfortable weather conditions – but when it gets too cold, too hot or wet – it’s time to move!

study at the park

7. Local Community Centers

A lot of community centers will have dedicated study friendly areas. If there is a community center nearby it’s certainly worth finding out if they have study areas. If you don’t know of a nearby community center you could look up on Google for a community center near you. Depending on the community center they could have sporting areas as well as study areas.

study at community center

8. A Tutoring Center

If you struggle to focus when you are studying finding a tutoring center can be a good choice for you. It will cost some money but if you need it it will be worth it to get a tutor.

tutor center

9. A Study Partner’s House

Having a study partner can be beneficial to your studying as having someone who shares the same goals as you can help you both learn faster. If you struggle with a certain part of your work your study partner could help you with it and if you don’t know something just ask them rather than having to look it up on Google.

study partner

10. An Empty Classroom

Being in a classroom automatically puts you in a learning mindset so being in an empty one with no distractions is great. It might not be the most comfortable but you’ll be learning quickly and have access to information in textbooks and asking teachers.

study at school

This list should help you find the best places to study near me and focus on your work. You should try a few different places to see which one suits you best and where you get the most work done. You should also try studying with a group or a friend as that can help you learn quicker. See my guide on how to prepare for online nursing classes for some great tips and advice.

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