America’s 10 Best Online Medical Assistant Programs

Debra Riley


If you want to train as a medical assistant but have other commitments that would mean that you could not attend a traditional campus course then online medical assistant programs could be the answer. There are a lot of different providers who offer online programs for medical assistants.

These online courses mean that you are able to get the qualifications that you require without having to change your current lifestyle, therefore making it possible to progress into a new and rewarding career.

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to medical assistant schools and programs. These are the top 10 in America at present.

1. Kaplan University

One of the best online medical assistant programs is offered by Kaplan University. This university is accredited regionally as a university that provides an excellent level of education and it creates opportunities for job finding in a market sector that is very competitive. Kaplan University offers a program of applied science within medical assisting.

The Commission for accreditation of education programs in allied health has accredited this program. The program involves three different competencies for clinical care and these prepare students for the responsibilities that they will have as a nursing assistant. People that want to pursue a career as a medical assistant will be in safe hands doing a program with Kaplan University.

2. Herzing University

Another good online program for medical assistants is offered by Herzing University. This university offers an associate of science program in services of medical assistance. Herzing University offers two different online programs. One is a diploma and the other one is a degree. The Bureau of Health Education has accredited this associate program. The degree program can be completed within sixteen to twenty four months.

The diploma program can be completed within twelve and twenty months. Herzing University also has physical campuses in eight different states, which are located in Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Wyoming, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana. The graduates from this program will be able to do the RMA exam and this will give them a highly creditable qualification.

3. Harrison College

Harrison College offers online medical assistant programs that are accredited. The college was established in 1902 and has taught over five thousand students who are located in the United States of America and also internationally.

This college was originally set up as a business school but over the years they have increased their expertise to include health sciences, criminal justice, information technology and also veterinary technology.

This college is highly regarded for its medical assistant programs which are a two-year program. It is a ninety six-credit program which makes their graduates highly employable.

4. Ultimate Medical Academy

Ultimate Medical Academy offers an associate program of science for the medical administrative assistant. The medical assistant program that is offered by this university allows students to gain their qualification through an online course.

The medical assistant program that is offered by this provider can be completed within sixty-one weeks and ninety-six weeks, with a total of sixty credits. All of the courses are provided for online use and they each last for five weeks.

The flexibility of these courses means that people are able to get qualified as quickly as they want or they can take things a little slower if they want to.

5. Fortis College

Fortis College provides an associate program in applied science for medical administrative assistants. Fortis College is a leader when it comes to online education programs and the range of courses that they offer is rapidly growing. The courses that this college offers carry a number of different accreditation’s.

This college gets a good reputation for the level of support that it provides to its students, which can make it easier to succeed when doing an online course. The medical assistant program that is offered by this college can be completed entirely online and is very flexible, so it can fit with the requirements of the students.

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6. Harrison College

Harrison College is one of the best universities that offer programs for medical assistants. Harrison College offers an online program for clinical medical assistants. This college was founded in 1902 and has over five thousand students. The associate of applied sciences for medical assisting program consists of ninety-six credits, which take about two years to achieve.

The courses that are contained within this program will teach the student about administering medication, handling office procedures, checking the vital signs, running laboratory tests and other tasks that are related to the work that a medical assistant does.

7. Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College also provides an online program that is a great way to get the qualifications that you need to train as a medical assistant. The degree program that is offered by this college is excellent for people who aspire to be a medical assistant. These medical assistant programs that are offered by this college have been fully accredited, and it is one of the most successful colleges. A great way to improve your nursing skills!

This college has a program in place that locks your fees so they will not increase as you progress through your course. The degree program that is offered by this college consists of ninety credits and it will take about three years to successfully complete; however, some students can get through it faster than this.

8. Keiser University

Keiser University offers online medical assistant programs that can help people to become qualified as a medical assistant. Some people are able to get through this program in about two years; however, some people might take a little longer to get their degree. This university also offers assistance to people to help them secure a job. This assistance is provided before, during and after the course.

9. San Joaquin Valley College

San Joaquin Valley College is another provider of online medical assistant programs. One of the programs that this college offers is an associate program in medical assisting and they also offer a certificate in medical assisting. Both of these options can allow you to get a job as a medical assistant; however, the degree is a little more in-depth.

The degree program would probably give you a better chance of getting a job in the future. However, either of the courses would enable you to get qualified as a medical assistant.

10. Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College is one of the leading names when it comes to online educational courses. This college offers a degree program for medical assisting. The degree program that is offered by this college will teach you everything that you need to know in order to work as a medical assistant including medical laws and terminology.

The council for training and distance learning has accredited the program that is offered by this college. The online degree program that is offered by this provider is a cheaper option that some of the others, as their online courses are eighty six per cent cheaper.

These online medical assistant programs are a great way for people to train as a medical assistant when it is not possible to attend a traditional campus based course.

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