Useful Tips for How to Write a Nursing Essay That Stands Out

Debra Riley


Are you applying for nursing courses? Well, then, you need to make every effort to ensure your application stands out from the crowd. You need a lot of time to make it perfect, so why not rely on outsourcing to free your busy schedule?

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As for the nursing essay, in this paper, you can show the commission that you are a worthy candidate and help convince them that they should say “yes” to you. 

Typically, the essay should describe why you want to become a nurse. The goal is to show that you are an educated candidate with a broad outlook and a clear understanding of what you want to achieve in the professional field. It is also important to show your passion for nursing. 

Read our step-by-step guide to write an effective essay and show off all your strengths. Follow the tips below to come up with a paper with no stress or rush.

essay tips for nurses

Start With a Clear Plan

Don’t know where to start? Then, write down everything you want to mention in your work: let it be disparate ideas or associations. You can also use mind maps to describe your personal history and experiences and highlight your qualifications.

It’s better to start the paper with a statement that will definitely attract the reader’s attention. The goal is to make them intrigued. Use a surprising fact, a rhetorical question, a real-life situation, or a startling statistic.

You need to show who you are and what nursing means for you. Structure your reasons for becoming a nurse: make sure they are logical and consistent.

With a brilliantly written essay, you greatly improve your chances of being accepted. 

Express Who You Truly Are

In this essay, you reveal your true essence and convince the reader that you should certainly be on the course. So, describe what led you to the decision to become part of a nursing school. An essay is a tool to tell why you want to get there. 

Let real-life examples be illustrative, vivid, and powerful. Emphasize your motivation to attend the program and explain what inspires you to go in this direction.

Share Your Intentions

Obviously, to become a successful nurse, you need to get a degree, gain practical experience, complete an internship, and grow as a professional step by step. So, talk about your long-term goals.

For example, if you want to help children or advance your degree to be a specialty nurse, mention this.

It is very important for the admissions committee to understand that candidates are focused on long-term development and that they are responsible and motivated. This is what will help you become a successful student.

Emphasize How You Care About People

A nurse’s job involves caring for people 24/7: you will work long hours in a friendly and positive manner to take care of all patient needs. In fact, their good health is your responsibility.

To do this, you need a list of rare human qualities, such as empathy, sensitivity, willingness to care, dedication, and selflessness. 

Provide examples of situations when you used such qualities to achieve impressive results. Tell how you helped someone close to you or a complete stranger.

nurse writing on her laptop

Mention Your Qualifications

Yes, your academic and work achievements are reflected in your test scores and resume. But there are no details, so the commission doesn’t fully understand how exactly you use these qualifications.

In the paper, highlight how they were useful to you. Don’t forget to indicate your experience in volunteering activities, internships, and any projects related to health care.

Show Why You Should Be Accepted

There is a big difference between the desire to enroll in any nursing school and the focus on a particular institution: be sure to emphasize what motivated your choice. Describe the reasons so that the admissions committee doesn’t have questions for you.

Depending on the school, priorities may change: you might switch to a hybrid learning model or a short program, say, a year and a half so that you can jump into your career faster. 

If you were inspired by someone to go to this particular school, say, your mother or friend, you can indicate that too. This way, the committee will understand your intentions and motivation.

a happy student nurse

Get a Fresh Perspective

When you spend a lot of time working on a paper, you get used to it. Thus, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to notice inaccuracies, errors, and strange structures. That’s why it’s so important to take breaks while working ‒ this way, you can refresh your brain and free your essay from mistakes. 

Another effective option is to use AI-based tools to check spelling and grammar (Grammarly), as well as overall readability (Hemingway).

And don’t forget to give your essay to your friend or anyone you trust to check the text. They will definitely highlight areas that seem weird. Find an editor who will give detailed, honest feedback and suggest what can be rewritten to make the essay stronger.

Accept criticism easily: an objective opinion always helps make the work better.

To Wrap It Up

By following our guidelines, you can easily navigate the process and come up with an impressive paper. So, the main points when working on an essay are to make a strong thesis statement, organize paragraphs sequentially, and check the essay for clarity and formatting. 

Without a doubt, nursing is one of the most difficult academic courses, as you have to be really committed to passing it. Yes, this is a completely practical area, but you still need a theoretical base. 

Nursing is the ideal discipline for those who want to dedicate their lives to serving others. That’s why it’s so important to describe your skills, knowledge, and practical experience.