Registered Nurse Earnings Infographic

Debra Riley


This infographic created by Nurse Salary Guide shows registered nurse salary and wages information at a glance. See the main RN salaries page for a full breakdown of data. We go into great detail covering all you need to know.

Find the highest paid states and cites – as well as the lowest paid! Where in the United States do registered nurses make the most money?

Remember to take into account other cost of living differences. California for example can be one of the most expensive states to live in. High housing costs for example can make that RN salary not as attractive as you first thought.

But hey – who doesn’t want to live in a warm climate!!

California at first glance seems to be the best place to work as a registered nurse – in fact when you look at different nursing careers, Cali comes top most of the time. But, you need to dig deeper and consider other factors.

RN Wages Infographic

rn salary infographic
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As you can see salaries for nurses can vary quite a lot – not only from state to state but also according to the type of work place. Federal Government employees out perform Private Hospitals in these statistics.

Registered nurses form the backbone of any country’s health system – and the U.S. is no exception. There are around 3 million RN’s employed and this figure is set to rise. Across nearly all nurse specialties the expected job growth is well above averages seen in other career paths.

Registered nurses should expect growth of 19% in the next few years – and these stats just keep growing!

All the salary data is from the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) figures. Throughout this website we use these figures where available as we believe them to be the most accurate and best representation of the various salaries.

Other sites use different data – but often it is from employment / jobs websites. These figures may not be as reliable – representing careers in a better light might be a good thing for these sites!

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