Nurse Anesthetist Wages Infographic

Debra Riley


Part of our infographic series – this post shows salary and employment data for a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist CRNA in the U.S. Our main CRNA salary page gives a more in depth view of all salary data for a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist career. From The Nurse Salary Guide.

This infographic shows at a glance the highest earning states and cities for a CRNA Nurse Anesthetist. You can also see employment numbers across all industries.

Nurse Anesthetist’s are advanced practice registered nurses – and are one of the highest paid nurse specialties available. A qualified CRNA can expect an average salary of around $169,450 rising to over $250k in the highest paid states.

They are highly trained as well as well paid – and as a consequence they work in high pressure positions. Training can take upwards of six years depending on their entry level. Many CRNA’s start out as registered nurses and follow career progression paths whilst working. This in itself is a great achievement.

CRNA Wages Infographic

crna salary infographic
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Thinking of a career as a nurse anesthetist? See our CRNA Schools page for a state by state look at progams available.

Career and Outlook

Nurse Anesthetist numbers are rising in line with most other health related occupations – and well above normal job forecasts. This growth is expected to continue with the latest figures forecasting a 31% increase in employment numbers over the next few years. Just now there are over 42,600 CRNA’s employed across all states in the U.S.

By 2022 the BLS estimates a total of over 57,000 Nurse Anesthetist’s will be working in the field. Great future prospects for those willing to put in the extra effort to train and get qualified!

Like Nurse Practitioners, CRNA’s are benefiting in a shift of responsibility away from doctors and other healthcare professionals towards highly specialized nurses. This has a cost saving benefit for healthcare providers. This trend is sure to continue and indeed expand into other areas of practice.

High earnings and great growth prospects make this a fantastic future for any modern nurse willing and able to pursue further education and training.

We hope this infographic is useful to those considering this career path. Help us grow and spread the word by sharing! Thanks for reading – Debra Riley.