Licensed Practical Nurse Wages Infographic

Debra Riley


Part of our infographic series – this one covers wages and salaries for a Licensed Practical Nurse LPN / LVN in the U.S. Our main Licensed Practical Nurse salary page gives a detailed over view of all salary data for LPN and LVN. From The Nurse Salary Guide.

This infographic shows at a glance the highest earning states and cities for a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse. It also gives details of the main areas of employment and employment numbers across all industries.

LPN’s are at the lower end of the payscales for nurses today. They earn more than nursing assistants but substantially less than registered nurses. The data shows average earnings of $47,710 rising to around $ 65,000 in the highest paid city.

They are considered entry level nurses and are often a gateway to becoming qualified as registered nurses for many employees. This requires further training of course along with experience. But continuing education paths can lead to substantial increase in earning potential – well worth the effort!

Licensed Practical Nurse LPN Wages Infographic

lpn salary infographic
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Career and Outlook

Licensed Practical Nurse LPN numbers are rising fast. This growth is expected to continue with the latest figures forecasting a 25% increase in employment numbers over the next few years. At present there are over 702,700 LPN’s and LVN’s employed across all states in the U.S.

This is definitely a career on the rise and a great way to further a career as a nurse. LPN’s are an integral part of the modern healthcare system providing essential services and support to their better qualified and better paid counterparts.

The growing needs of the U.S. healthcare system will ensure this is a career with a positive future.

We hope this infographic is of some use to those considering this career. Help us grow and spread the word by sharing! Thanks for reading.