These Cities Need Healthcare Workers So Much They’re Paying Professionals to Relocate

Debra Riley


We’re seeing something of a national nursing crisis at the moment, with some cities and even entire states suffering from shortages as a result of a combination of factors, including the fallout from the pandemic.

The good news is that this means there are lots of jobs on offer for those who are happy to up sticks and move in order to progress their careers.

Here are just a few cities where relocation packages are most appealing.

cities need healthcare workers


Imagine living in a city known for its lush greenery and rich coffee culture, all while pursuing your passion as a healthcare worker. If this sounds appealing, then Seattle might be your next stop.

The city is currently facing a critical shortage of nurses and other medical professionals, resulting in attractive relocation packages being offered to draw talent nationwide.

Beyond just competitive salaries, these packages often include housing assistance and more, which is perfect for those wanting financial stability when they move.


There is more to Dallas than meets the eye, especially for healthcare workers seeking new horizons. This bustling Southern city is rolling out enticing relocation packages to address its shortage of nursing professionals.

Packed with perks like sign-on bonuses, housing stipends, and reimbursement for moving expenses, it’s clear that Dallas values its healthcare heroes. So if you’re willing to embrace cowboy culture while making a significant difference in patients’ lives, it could be a good place to make a move to.



Within the rhythm of blues and soulful BBQs, Memphis is a wonderful city to be a part of. And yet this southern jewel also faces a healthcare staffing crisis.

To address it, they’re not only offering excellent relocation packages but also embracing modern advancements like multi-country payroll software to make transitions smoother for incoming professionals from different parts of the country, or even internationally.

There’s also ample opportunity to take advantage of professional development programs here, so being a nurse in Memphis is attractive for a multitude of reasons.


Plenty of nurses are taking up the call to join Chicago’s mission to bolster its healthcare force. The city, known for its unique architecture and piquant deep-dish pizza, now needs to bring more nurses on board to make up for local shortages.

Faced with a dire need for nursing professionals, Chicago puts your skills at premium value. You can expect all of the benefits found elsewhere, so it’s really a case of deciding whether or not this particular urban sprawl is a good fit for you for other reasons, whether that’s cultural or convenience-based.

San Francisco

Renowned for its iconic landmarks, San Francisco now has all eyes on it with compelling offers designed to attract healthcare workers.

In response to an urgent nursing shortage, there are a variety of incentives being offered to pros in this field who are currently based elsewhere but are weighing up whether or not to move.

san francisco bridge


Phoenix might just have the perfect offer for nurses seeking a career switch and eager to experience the balmy desert conditions, as opposed to the wet and windy climates of the coastal cities we’ve mentioned earlier.

Once again the perks of picking up a nursing job in Phoenix are excellent, and for the right specialists, it could be the career move they’ve been waiting for. All it takes is a bit of bravery to make a major life change.

Final Thoughts

While no one should rush into relocating for a nursing job, the fact that there are juicy deals out there in some of the best cities in the country should be enough to get you interested.