Nursing Salary And Employment In Sydney (NSW) Australia

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The healthcare industry in Australia is of a high standard, and the stakeholders overseeing the industry take all steps to ensure the utmost quality. The ultimate objective of the healthcare industry is to provide the best services to the service users.

To attain this aim, the regulators have ensured that they have a strong framework to select the most capable employees.

Discussing things within the periphery of the healthcare sector, nurses are responsible for taking holistic care of the service users. It’s a job filled with responsibilities. Their responsibilities are also rewarded with good salaries and benefits.

Are you aiming to get yourself registered as a professional in Australia? This can be a good opportunity for you. The following article discusses the salary and employment of nurses in Australia.

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Types Of Nurses

Nurses make up the largest number of health workers in the nation. According to a study, there are around five types of nurses working in the NSW, Sydney, or, say, in Australia, and they include:

  • Enrolled nurse.
  • Registered nurse.
  • Practitioner nurse.
  • Clinical nurse.
  • Midwife nurse.

These nurses have their specific roles and positions in the healthcare circle in Australia.

Roles And Responsibilities Of The Nurses

An individual must develop the practice and mentality of serving the vulnerable. This is the first criterion, which is the ingrained urge to serve the vulnerable. Though the nurses discussed above have individual roles and responsibilities, they have some common duties and can fall into general responsibilities. So let’s try to understand them here.

The nurses’ role includes monitoring the patient’s health and recording the patient’s symptoms. Other than this, the other responsibilities included taking detailed notes on the medical teams, administering the treatments, supporting the patients, and helping the patients in their daily tasks.

Salaries And Benefits

According to the study, it is found out that the average salary in NSW in Australia revolves around $80,963 per year or, say, $41.52 per hour. The salary for the entry-level positions starts from $77,154, and if you become experienced, then in that case, the salaries can go upto $100,016 per year.

Considering the high risks and responsibility attached to the nurses, the government authorities have been vigilant enough so that care users get the right benefits. Now we can briefly discuss the salary of the five different types of nurses working in Australia.

  1. Enrolled Nurses

The enrolled nurses meet the standards of practice to start their services. They have their specific responsibilities. The average salary of enrolled nurses is $65,540. An enrolled nurse works under the supervision of a registered nurse.

  1. Registered Nurse

The registered nurse generally completes a three-year-old nursing degree that is a Bachelor of Nursing through a university. This is a high-ranked job, and according to the year 2021 records, the average salary of these professionals is around $76,575.

  1. Clinical Nurse

A clinical nurse is a registered professional who has completed her studies. They are experts that offer services for specified types of treatments. One of their core responsibilities is providing education and resources to other nurses. The average annual salary of these nurses is around $99,493.

  1. Nurse Practitioners

The nurse practitioners are registered professionals and have received endorsements from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. These groups of practitioners undergo a training period of 5000 advanced practices in around six years. These practitioners receive an average annual salary of about $122,216.

  1. Midwife

The last on our list is our list of midwives. These professionals take care of the health of mothers and babies. They obtain a bachelor’s degree in Midwifery at University, which takes around three years. These practitioners have an average annual salary of $82,650.

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How To Get Employed In Australia

If you wish to become a nurse, you will have to complete the Bachelor of Nursing from a reputed university. The registration to practise as a nurse is done through an application to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. The RNs are employable in NSW and other states in Australia.

The RN education for Aboriginals and rural people is supported, guided, and controlled by the NSW Health undergraduate scholarship and grants. You also have to get registration under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA).

Proof Of Identity

If you are an Australian, you have to show proof of Identity to show that you are a responsible citizen and you have a clean track record as an individual. One of the main elements of the identification is the police check. While recruiting the employees, the employers ask for a police check for a clean track record. The following framework ensures that you have a clean track record.

The national police check NSW application is a complete, secure process that includes different aspects of the character and educational background of the employees. The following check is easy and free from hassle, and you must show the Police check as proof of identity and a clean track record.

English Language Proficiency

Among the requirements, one of the major ones is English language proficiency. If you are a foreigner and wish to work in Australia, you must produce the relevant certificates. To obtain it, you have to show your competency in one of the tests that include:

  • Language Testing System (IELTS),
  • Occupational English Test (OET) for Nurses,
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic or
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) iBT.

They have their own examination standard and passing criteria, and you have to produce a good impression in the examination to show your proficiency in these tests. If you obtain good results in these tests, you are fit enough to work within New South Wales, Sydney, or any other state in Australia.

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Putting The Discussion To A Close

Apart from this, you must display all other professional records to show you are fit to work in Australian conditions. Nursing is highly rewarding and satisfying, and you can have a good opportunity to work as a nurse.

Australia adheres to high practices and standards for the employees to get entry into Australian soil. Therefore you have to be good enough with your skills and show the police check certificate to get an opportunity to work in Sydney.