Nurses Pursuing a Successful Career: Health Care Tips to Follow

Debra Riley


Similar to any other leading profession, even nurses have a fulfilling career. Their daily job schedule is highly demanding and fast-paced and requires hard work around the clock.

Hence, it’s challenging to have a proper work-life balance. It is not surprising that nurses often miss out on good sleep, a nutritious diet, and the relaxation they need. This affects their daily work and productivity levels as well.

When a nurse has the correct fitness level and mental clarity, she is in a better position to perform tasks with precision. Healthy habits go a long way towards averting burnout and help nurses ensure better patient care outcomes. 

The work hours for a nurse can be unpredictable. Besides their regular work, they also have to plan their career by pursuing advanced courses for better jobs and lucrative pay.

Therefore, nurses should follow a balanced routine that will help them work well, pursue their career goals, and relax adequately to prevent burnout.

In this article, we will discuss essential healthcare tips that ambitious nurses planning for a successful career can follow and benefit from.

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Take Care of Back Pain

Owing to their strenuous job profile, most RNs (Registered Nurses) suffer from back pain and related issues. According to a review by the Texas Woman’s University based on evidence, close to 50% to 80% of nurses suffer from chronic low back pain. The study also revealed that the daily practice of yoga helped curb back pain symptoms to a vast extent.

Nurses can practice exercises like the plank yoga pose that will result in a strong core.

Regular yoga practice can keep their back secure from the daily wear-and-tear, which helps them gain physical agility.

Indulge in ‘Me-Time’ for Relaxation

Nurses have to deal with many patients throughout the day. They have to take care of them compassionately and be accountable for a part of their recovery. It can result in added stress and tension, which can make a nurse underperform because of fatigue and burnout.

That makes it crucial to allocate separate time for oneself and prioritize self-care. It will help nurses bounce back to their jobs with vitality and focus.

Nurses need to have their ‘me-time’ where they focus on what brings them happiness and relaxation. They can either listen to music, watch a movie, read a book, meditate, visit a nature spot for a day, or simply be at home and spend time with their loved ones.

During this ‘me-time’, nurses should completely forget about their daily work and try to relax.

Choose An Online Academic Course Wisely

Nurses want to advance their careers so that they get to work for a better profile and increased pay. For this reason, they often opt for various courses offered by leading institutions. One such course includes the online DNP programs that train nurses for leadership positions. 

Nurses need to select this course from a reputed online institution that delivers on its promises. For instance, if the course is said to be 100% online, nursing candidates should have the liberty to choose a time that caters to their routine and pursue it.

Spring Arbor University states that leading institutions offering this course ensure that nurses and aspiring nursing candidates benefit from the curriculum.

The program primarily helps nurses navigate the intricate healthcare environment and trains them to advance their careers in their practice. The course prepares graduates for leadership roles in their careers.

It is always advised that nurses should get all their doubts cleared before pursuing this course. That way, they will know what they are getting into and can plan their professional and academic goals accordingly.

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Get Ample Sleep

Nurses often have to work long-hour shifts that can take a toll on one’s mental and physical health. Hence, getting adequate sleep is necessary for correct brain function. It is also necessary to restore the body from the stress it undergoes.

One of the vital nursing skills is to make correct, quick decisions when noticing crucial health changes in patients, and dispensing medications. If the brain is not alert, it is tough to make correct decisions, and that can lead to medical negligence.

Inadequate sleep can adversely affect the immune system, mood, memory, focus, and even stress hormones.

Therefore, it is essential to get good, quality sleep every night so that it can lead to better mental clarity and enhanced brain function.

Indulge in Smart Snacking

Nurses must select their snacks wisely so that they can have optimum energy throughout the day. It is always a good choice to opt for high-energy and high-protein snacks to ensure correct calorie intake.

One of the best snacking options is to choose apples, almond butter, cheese sticks, protein bars, protein smoothies, mixed nuts, Greek yogurt, and berries.

Any of these snacking options will ensure that the body gets the correct nutrition. It helps nurses not feel tired or hungry during their working hours.

Also, snacking options like yogurt and berries uplift the mood and help one feel fresh and energized.

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Opt for Mental Health Breaks

Excess work can make nurses feel drained and leave them with no zest to lead their lives. Other than the ‘me-time’ mentioned before, nurses must take mental health breaks. It can be anything from taking 10 minutes away from work to practicing breathing.

When the mind focuses on inhalation and exhalation, it goes a long way toward recalibrating the body and mind back to balance.

Another option is journaling ‌and expressing gratitude for all the small wins of the day. It helps to process emotions better and also ends the day on a positive note, which sets the mood for the next day as well.

Final Thoughts

Nurses have a hectic routine at work, and they are accountable for patient welfare. Therefore, they must be in their best physical and mental health state to carry out the tasks allotted to them.

Progressive and ambitious nurses often find it challenging to maintain a balanced lifestyle to pursue their goals.

The guidelines mentioned above will help them perform well, prepare better for a lucrative job, and have free time for themselves.