Nurse Practitioner Wages Infographic

Debra Riley


Part of our infographic series – this one from The Nurse Salary Guide covers wages and salaries for a Nurse Practitioner in the U.S. Our main Nurse Practitioner salary page gives a detailed over view of all salary data.

This infographic shows at a glance the highest earning states and cities for a nurse practitioner. It also gives details of the main areas of employment and employment data.

Nurse Practitioners are one of the highest paid nursing careers earning on average $107,480 – but in the highest paid cities this can rise above $150k. They are Advanced Practice Nurses (APRN) and are often further trained in specific specialties such as Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Family NP’s.

They are educated and trained to a very high level and take on immense responsibility in the workplace working alongside doctors and surgeons. They usually start out as registered nurses before completing a Doctor of Nursing Practice – then further specialization in their chosen field.

Nurse Practitioner NP Wages Infographic

nurse practitioner salary infographic

Career and Outlook

Nurse Practitioner numbers are rising fast. This growth is expected to continue with the latest figures forecasting a 31% increase in employment numbers over the next 10 years. At present there are over 166,000 employed across all states in the U.S.

The continued growth is a symptom shared in most medical careers right now of an ageing population needing more healthcare. With Nurse Practitioners this is increased as they are increasingly used to supplement the number of doctors.

Whilst NP’s enjoy relatively high salaries they are still substantially cheaper to employ than medical doctors. Many healthcare facilities are using NP’s more and giving them extra responsibilities. This will only increase in future years.

This makes sense in terms of costs in running healthcare facilities but also increases the prospects for future nurse practitioners.

Definitely a career on the rise and a great way to further a career as a nurse.

We hope this infographic is of some use to those considering this career. Help us grow and spread the word by sharing! Thanks for reading.