CRNA Schools and Programs in Alabama (AL)

Debra Riley


Looking for the best CRNA schools in Alabama? We have done the research to help you out. Some states such as Alabama have fairly limited options when it comes to finding CRNA programs but this only makes it more important to consider your choices carefully.

Nurse Anesthesia is a specialized area of nursing and with that comes comprehensive training.There are three universities in Alabama offering a  Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) program at Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) level.

These schools have been delivering these programs and producing well qualified and skilled practitioners in the area of nurse anesthesia for years. This is an exceptionally rewarding career and has huge earning potential. So, have a look at what Alabama has to offer you.

The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) has stated that by 2025 all CRNA programs must change from the current Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia degree to a Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice.

All nurse anesthetists qualified before 2025 will not have to go back and study as they will be “grandfathered” in. Check out our up to date Nurse Salary in Alabama page to see the earning potential in comparison to other US states.

Nurse Anestetists in Alabama can earn a substantial salary.

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Nursing Schools Offering CRNA Degrees in Alabama

Samford University

Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing
Department of Nurse Anesthesia
800 Lakeshore Drive
Birmingham, AL 35229

Program Facts For CRNA at Samford University

  • CRNA Degree BSN-DNP
  • Duration- 36 month
  • Class Size-24
  • Tuition Costs (approx)
  • In state $100,000

University of Alabama at Birmingham

UAB’s School of Nursing
1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35294-1210

Program Facts For CRNA at UAB

  • CRNA Degree DNP
  • Duration- 36 month
  • Class Size 50-55
  • Tuition Costs and Expenses (approx)
  • In state $91,000
  • Out of State $172,000

Texas Wesleyan University

Texas Wesleyan University*

Although not in Alabama this course offers student the chance to study on campus for the first year and then complete their clinical practice in some of the 19 clinical facilities across different states.

Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, Mobile is one of the clinical facilities that students from Texas Wesleyan University can choose as their placement, although numbers are limited each year.

Graduate Programs of Nurse Anesthesia Building
1201 Wesleyan Street
Fort Worth, TX 76105

This program requires you to spend the first 12 months of the program at the Fort Worth campus in Texas. After that you can finish the program at any of the 19 clinical facilities throughout 9 states. This is a wide ranging course with excellent opportunities.

Program Facts For CRNA at Texas Wesleyan University

  • CRNA Enrty Level Degree DNP
  • Duration- 36 month
  • Class Size 127-139
  • Tuition Costs and Expenses (approx)
  • In state $110,000

Check out the university websites for admission criteria and program requirements. Don’t forget to have a look at our main CRNA Schools and Programs by State page with links to all states in the U.S.

Although the choices for CRNA schools in Alabama is quite limited with only 3 options in the state you still need to make a careful decision to suit your own personal needs. It is a big career step – both in terms of commitment and investment so take some time before deciding.

Some local states that offer CRNA programs you might like to check out – Georgia, Florida and Louisiana – always keep your options open!

If the available programs do not meet your requirements consider checking out some other states and their CRNA programs. Good luck in your search!